• Thighs and below-the-knee area massage.

    30 分

    3,000 Japanese yen
  • Full lower body massage.

    1 時間

    5,900 Japanese yen
  • Full lower body + back and shoulders.

    1 時間 30 分

    8,900 Japanese yen
  • Full body massage.

    2 時間

    11,800 Japanese yen

◆ Due to medical concerns, please do not apply if you suffer from the following conditions ◆

People who have on-going medical concerns, such as with the liver, heart, brain issues, osteoporosis, have varicose veins, pregnancy, diabetes, not feeling well, drunk, or people related to the mafia. 

All treatments conducted by Les👣Feet are for relaxation purposes only. Les👣Feet will not be held accountable for any medical issues that may occur after treatment.

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